Our core purpose is to help patients function optimally by providing them with up to date knowledge and options relevant to their specific needs.

Our History

Our physiotherapy practice has had a long and successful history, and is powered by a team of partners with a wealth of experience and training.

Joanne started an out-patient based practice in Centurion in 1985, and a few years after that

in 1989, Joan joined as a partner, expanding the business with a hospital based practice. This allowed us to deliver a more comprehensive service to patients, ensuring continuity from pre-operative and hospital care, through to the patient's hospital stay to their discharge, and subsequent follow-up once they have left the hospital.

In 2005, Ian joined the practice as partner, focusing on out of hospital care as well as in service training.

In 2007, an out-patient branch was opened at Intercare Irene, delivering services to patients living in the south of Centurion along with referring health practitioners in the area.

In 2009, Nadia Bingle joined as partner to focus on the Irene branch and was joined in 2015 by a new partner De Villiers Koster, we hope them all the success as they have decided to move away from the group to expand further.

Since 2013 the practice has started hosting the McKenzie Institute International for courses into Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy available to the wider Physiotherapy community.

In 2015 a new branch was established in the Midstream Mediclinic hospital, with a focus on in- and out-hospital rehabilitation. The practice name was changed from Grey, Rolfe and Bezuidenhoudt physiotherapist to GRB physiotherapists accommodating more associates and to be representative of all the individuals that contribute to the goal of delivering excellent health care to our patients. Currently, the practice offers a mandatory in-service training programme to its employees and other interested Physiotherapists from the Centurion area.

The practice became the first South African practice to the listed on the McKenzie Institute International's website as a "McKenzie credentialed practice"

Our Practices

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