Midstream Magic #1: A New Beginning

In March 2015 a new state of the art Mediclinic hospital opened its doors in Midstream.  It has been an honour to start up our practice in this hospital, for GRB physios.  With the guidance and support of Ian, Joan and Joanne we have been able to take the bull by the horns and run with it.   Thanks to our wonderful general, neuro and orthopaedic surgeons the bull was more tame than expected.

Our dreams started in a small room in Walk a Miles’s offices.  We slowly worked ourselves into their consulting rooms and their hearts, forming a new part of their team.  So much so that even when we opened our own rooms in August we could not stop checking up on our patients with the wound care sister in their rooms.

It has been such a great stepping stone and learning curve in our lives and we are excited for what the future holds.

Watch this space…

Colett en Megan

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