What is a good Physio consultation?

A good Physiotherapy consultation is a two-way street and communication is essential for success. Expect to be asked loads of questions, undergo a thorough physical examination, and receive information about your problem as well as advice on what you can do yourself to get better. To get the most out of your session be sure to ask questions and commit to being an active participant in your rehabilitation. 


You should be given the opportunity to tell your story. Explain the nature of your problem, why you’re seeking help and what you expect to gain from the session.


Expect to be asked loads of questions. How and when did the problem start? What makes it worse/better? How does this problem affect training and everyday life? These questions help us as Physios understand the bigger picture of what’s going on.


Expect a thorough physical assessment consisting of a variety of movements and tests. You should also be given explanations of the tests being performed and what the results mean.


Your Physio should explain the cause of your pain and discuss a possible diagnosis in a way that makes sense to you. Feel free to ask them to explain again if you don’t understand.


There should be a discussion on what can be done. All treatments should be explained, including expected response, benefits as well as possible side effects of each treatment.


Before deciding on a treatment plan, your Physio should take into consideration your expectations and goals. For example, upcoming races.


Your Physio should discuss a timeline for recovery and how this will affect your training and goal races. Together you should set achievable short- and long-term goals.


Treatment should include what you can do yourself to get better. You should be encouraged to be an active participant in your rehabilitation, not just a passive receiver of therapy. This allows you to take control of your pain and return to normal activities much quicker.


Expect to be given homework. This might be advice to rest, adjust your training load and/or self-treatment exercises that build on the treatment that was done during the consultation.


At GRB Physiotherapists we aim to deliver excellent service and help patients function optimally, by providing them with up-to-date knowledge and options relevant to their specific needs.