Representing South Africa

Photo: Joanne, Marina, Joan, Tarrin, Ian

We were privileged to attend the 13th International conference in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy in Denmark earlier this year and even more blessed that some of our colleagues could join us for this experience.  The conference attracted delegates from 32 countries and we could happily ad to this number by representing South Africa at the conference for the first time.

The experience was truly rich and we all experienced the journey a little differently. Joan, Joanne and Marina Henning (a local General Practitioner in Centurion) made time to take in the sights and sounds of Copenhagen. The waterways, museums and architecture offered more than what could be explored in the time available but the accessibility of local transport helped stretch this experience as far as possible. The diversity of different cuisines added to the challenge of attempting to experience as much as possible… but it also allowed for some cultural gems to be discovered. Who knew you could get a South African experience so far from home?


Photo: Café Mandela, the legacy reaches far!


Tarrin’s journey included a fun run with the Research Foundation, and her enthusiasm was almost infectious … well almost! An early morning and a bit of rain did not do anything to dampen her spirit; it just proves the point even further: Some people were born to run! By also attending the pre-conference workshop on “MDT in the Athlete”, she made it evident to even the most uninformed observer where her focus lays. The rest of Denmark provided even more suitable opportunities as she and her husband could easily explore the countryside with bicycles, it is estimated that in Copenhagen alone almost a third of the workforce commutes with a bicycle.


Photo: If in Copenhagen…


In the end there was more to our trip than the conference and some sightseeing. Copenhagen was also the venue for hosting the final exams to the Institute’s diploma programme, coinciding with the conference. I had the task of sitting the exams while everyone was off exploring, but it was all worthwhile. Very few experiences can match the feeling of returning from a trip like this with good news; passing the diploma exam and becoming the first McKenzie credentialed practice in South Africa. I would be lying if I did not add that the company I had in Denmark made sure that I at least took in some of the sights, and truly a journey is only as good as the company you keep… What an excellent journey it was!


Photo: Company for the journey